The Birth of a Book–And a Series

Books that fill a definite need by removing a vacuum in a subject area tend to resonate. And that’s exactly what happened with The Strawberry Story series. Back in 1993, the original book for Southern California was conceived when two strawberry-loving gardeners/authors realized that no book on growing them in the mild So Cal climate existed.

“The fact that there weren’t any other books on growing strawberries in Southern California wouldn’t have been all that strange if it wasn’t for the fact that 85 percent of strawberries grown in the U.S. are grown in California,” says the book’s co-author Julie Bawden-Davis.

“While conducting research on how to successfully grow strawberries in Southern California’s mild climate, Sharon Whatley and I were surprised to find that most of the information on the subject was written for other areas of the country,” says Bawden-Davis, who is also a public speaker. “The lack of information didn’t help us figure out how to grow strawberries in our own backyards, so we decided to write a book on the subject.”

Since that first printing of the groundbreaking book—which sold more than 5,000 copies—Bawden-Davis has shared with thousands of Southern California home gardeners how easy it is to grow strawberries year-round in their backyards.

In 2012, Bawden-Davis realized that gardeners in other areas of the country would be equally as interested in growing tasty berries in the home garden, so she decided to launch The Strawberry Story series. The result is the upcoming Spring 2014 release of two new books in the series, including The Strawberry Story: How to Grow Great Berries in the East, which will be released in March 2014.

“The response to the Southern California version has been phenomenal, so it seemed like a logical next step to cover the rest of the country through a series of books,” says Bawden-Davis. “There are books out there offering general blanket information on how to grow strawberries and even berries, but the fact is that climates vary greatly when it comes to growing berries,” she says. “There are definite varieties that should be grown in each area of the country. Knowing the right varieties to grow in your climate is critical to success.”

The Strawberry Story series fills a definite void in the market by telling readers exactly how to grow delicious homegrown berries in their particular regions.